Horses from the sheriff’s Mounted Patrol division, sheriff’s deputies, Murfreesboro Police, Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department and Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services will distribute candy to the trick or treaters.

“We’re going to provide a safe place for kids to come trick or treating,” Sheriff Arnold said.

To keep Halloween safe, Sheriff Arnold said deputies will be observing trick or treaters for safety in neighborhoods. He suggested children who trick or treat in neighborhoods should carry a flashlight or glow stick or have reflective tape on the costume so drivers can see them better. Instruct the children not to shine the flashlight at approaching drivers.

Parents should accompany their children. Teach children how to look both ways before crossing a street. Parents who are dropping off their children in a neighborhood should pull off the road into a safe spot and flip on the hazard lights for approaching drivers.

Children should be instructed not to take candy from strangers who approach them on the street, the sheriff said.

Tennessee requires convicted sex offenders to not participate in Halloween activities. But as a precaution, Sheriff Arnold said parents may go to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Web site at or Web site and type in the streets where their children plan to trick or treat. The list will show the names and addresses of sexual offenders the parents and children can avoid.

Also, Sheriff Arnold offered the following tips for drivers: 

 · Don’t pass vehicles stopped in the roadway because children may be getting in and out of the vehicle.

 · Pay attention to the side of the road where children may be walking.

 · Refrain from using a cell phone while driving Halloween night so the driver won’t be distracted.

 · Drive slower than the speed limit in residential areas.